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About Us - One stop destination for all your sea food needs. is India's first website to sell all types of sea food and fish preparations exclusively online.

Fresh and hygienic sea food sourced from sustainable fishing practices and through aquaculture and fish farming systems is brought to your doorstep through

Fish is healthy, good food leads to good health and leads to a happy life. Though we know, fish is a healthy source of protein and Omega-3 fatty acids, most consumers prefer popping omega 3 fatty acid tablets instead of consuming in its natural form, i.e., fishes. This is usually due to the gap in availability of fresh and clean fish to the masses. Hence, here we are "" to fulfil your need to consume fishes and all other types of sea food.

Our Vision: We intend to protect and promote healthy consumerism of healthy and high quality sea food rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids free from harmful chemicals and destructive fishing practices.

Our Mission: To produce healthy and natural sea food sourced through eco-friendly, sustainable fishing practices. We deliver sea food and fresh water fish which is thoroughly descaled and cut in traditional methods, packaged and marinated in hygienic conditions which are ready for you to cook and enjoy as per your taste preferences.

Machili’s Price: We directly source from the farmers to get the fresh and less price. There is no middle man so that we can provide for better price for our customers.

Quality: We do have quality checks to provide the best quality.

Cooking Facility: People want to have fish for nutrition purpose. Due to lack of awareness they do overcook the produce, stripping away all the nutrition.

Hence, we have a live kitchen also. We have the fish cooking experts’ team. We cook it as per your requirement in your presence. We use all branded ingredients. You can drop-in at our store and check our kitchen any time.

Curries: All types of sea food/River fish/Fresh water fish curry/pulusu/fry is available. We make the boxes for one person as well.

To reach high quality fish to all our customers, we have started our first branch at Venkata Ramana Colony, Banjara Hills Road No 1, on 23rd Nov 2017 and we are going to start second branch at Sanjeev Reddy Nagar, BK Guda Road, Opp Heritage Fresh, Hyderabad.

Founder & CEO

Subrahmanyam: Born and brought up at Machilipatnam, Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh. I brought the experience of the native fish cleaning team from Machilipatnam for traditional fish cleaning and I am a techie like most of you, having a B Tech (Electrical Engineering) and IT experience of 17 years in various MNCs in India and overseas as well.

Would like to add my IT experience to one product which is useful to customers which I identified as sea food and fisheries. Whenever it’s not organized people say: Is it a fish market? Now, I want make it as an organized sector by adding the technology to fish. Most doctors suggest fish consumption for better health. For this people are hesitant to go to fish stalls and wait there in an unorganized environment and are even more worried about cleaning it at home. Just by a few clicks you can place your order on and you will get hygienic raw fish / marinated fish /  your cooked fish / fish curries / dry fish/ fish snacks /fish biryani.


Dr Anuradha: Born and brought up at Palkol, West Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. Studied BDS from Osmania and MDS (Prostodontist) and running a Dental Hospital, Dr Anu's Dental Care Multi Specialty Hospital, at Road No 12, MLA Colony, Opp Omega hospital, Hyderabad. Please call 8096251289  / check our website:

"Good food good health is our motive. Hence, by providing good food you can maintain good health so that you live happily."