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Why Machili?

Save your Sunday! Order it online. Yes, we are here to make your day easy. Spend more time with yourself and your family instead of venturing out and waiting in long queues to buy sea food from the nearby vendor.

We understand our customers, people now-a-days are hesitant to buy fish from the local vendors, afraid  of unhygienic sourcing and cleaning practices.

For some, obtaining well-cleaned sea food is a challenge, to appease the crowd, the fishes are usually are just washed and cut to pieces directly and packed, which when cooked gives out a very fishy odor which is very unpleasant.

To avoid such a hassle, some resort to buying skinless fish, which when cooked will lose its form and will create a mess in your dishes.

We at Machili, aim to provide clean and fresh produce which is cleaned hygienically by practicing traditional cleaning and descaling methods, to your door-step. To make this happen, Machili has come up with a solution, which we have been executing from the past 2 years and are able to deliver doorstep delivery of fresh and clean fish to our customers for the city of Hyderabad.

Here's the Machili solution to your sea food needs:

A) We have an experienced team for fish cleaning hailing from Machilipatnam, Krishna District, of Andhra Pradesh. Our team not only descale the fish with a knife, the fishes are scrubbed on a hard surface to rid of tiny scales as well, which are then cut to required shapes and sizes and washed thoroughly with potable water. This process makes our products ready to cook. The cut fish are delivered in boxes that can be directly stored in a refrigerator.

B) We also deliver freshly marinated fish, you can use this fish up to 10 days from the day of packing, stored in a refrigerator.

C) Our elaborate cleaning practices will make your fishes not smell fishy.

D) We use a branded weighing machine with bar code for accuracy, so we need not worry about the quantity of the fish delivered as well.

How are we different from other online fish suppliers?

When you order fish online, they cut a part of the fish and keep the fish in cold storage until the next order comes in. In case of another order, the old fish is added first and in case the weight does not match, another fish is cut to measure and then it becomes your order. 

What do we do to overcome such unhealthy services?

At Machili, to overcome such taboo, we have enhanced the website with a technical solution, where the weight of the whole fish is displayed on the website. What you see and select is what you get.

The weight of the fish available is what you choose which will then be thoroughly cleaned and cut and marinated or cooked, if required, and will be delivered to your home. With this method, at Machili, you

will also get the head and the tail of the fish intact in your pack, hence, there is will no chance of mixing up of old and the new stock. You will always receive fresh fish.


Q) I am a single person. I want to cook only 2 pieces and store the rest. Is it possible?

A) Yes. The fish we provide is thoroughly cleaned and packed in a box that can be directly stored in the refrigerator. You can store it for 10 days from the day of delivery and can use it directly to cook.

Q) I am a single person and I want to cook the fish when I require it. But I don't do the marination. Can I get a marination for my fish?

A) Yes. We do marination and keep it in box, so that you can store it in the refrigerator. We can do marination as per your requirement ( Example: more spicy/less salt..).

Q) I want to get the entire fish online along with fish head and tail. Is it possible?

A) Yes. Every day we update our website with available weights of fish. From the list, you can choose as per your requirement.

Q) Can I book online also for cooking?

A) Yes. You can select the fish and select the type of curry. We also home deliver ready to eat fish curry.

Q) We have the party. Can I do an order for a large group?

A) Yes. You can order for a party. You can order any fish/prawns/crabs either raw or cooked also.

Q) Can I place the order in advance?

A) Yes. You can place the order in advance and you need to pay 50% of the charges initially and 50% after deliver. In case, the fish is not available, the whole amount will be refunded to you without any deductions.

Q) Can I dry fish/prawns from

A) Yes. We have the fish/prawns sun-dried hygienically.

Q) Do you cook dry fish/dry prawns also?

A) Yes. We do.

Q) Can I get prawns pachhadi?

A) Yes. We do prepare with sea prawns, it can be stored for a longer duration of time.

Q) What is the store timings?

A) 6 am to 11 pm.

Q) Can I get the fish snacks?

A) Yes. Fish snacks like fried fish, fish nuggests, etc., are available from 3 pm to 11 pm.

Q) What fish snacks are available?

A) Nethallu fry, prawns fry,Tuna kabab, fish bullet, fish fingers.

Q) Does fish snacks have bones?

A) No. It is boneless.

Q) Can I get the fish Biryani and prawns Biryani?

A) Yes. Fish Biryani and Prawns Biryani are available.

Q) What are the items available I can order online?

A) 1. All types of thoroughly cleaned Sea fishes/River Fish/Crabs/Prawns
     2. Fish/Prawns curries
     3. Fish/Prawns Biryani
     4. Fish/Prawns snacks (Fish fingers/Fish Bullets/Tuna Kabab/ Nethallu Fry and etc.)
     5. Dry Fish/prawns
     6. Marinated fish
     7. Live Kitchen. (You choose and we cook. Fish curry exclusively prepared for you.
     8. Prawns pachhadi.

Q) Can I get breakfast also?

A) No. We are working on it and will be available shortly.

Q) How do you charge for the fish?

A) We charge on the whole fish, unlike other competitors, who charge on the pieces.

Q) How long does it take to deliver the fish?

A) Delivery time depends on your order and the distance of your order location from the store. For raw fish, the delivery can be about 60 minutes and more in case of distance is high.

Q) What time can I order the fish and what about delivery?

A) Our website is made to make your life easy. Time slots shall be available for your order depending on the distance, item ordered.

Q) What about delivery charges?

A) Your first order on is on the house. Your first order is free irrespective of the distance and the item.

Q) What are your regular delivery charges?

A) If your order amount is more than Rs.500, 10% of the purchase amount shall be deducted from the delivery charge. Our regular delivery charges are Rs.14 for the first 3 km and Rs.7 per kilometer after that.

Q) Can I see a live preparation?

A) Yes. You can drop in at our store and you can see the complete cooking process and even suggest changes to the cook according to your taste.

If you face any difficulty to place the order or to know the product info please call 8978532965